The Barbarian Must Return

“Men are rarely aware of the real reasons which motivate their actions.”

– Edward Bernays

When the man who made millions to curate the culture of the past 100 years tells you that you are a fool, that you are unaware of your own motivations and that he is exploiting you in that sense.

I recommend that you take heed to his words and begin to find your own motivations.

The psychoanalysts from the 20th century believe that all men are barbarians and that civilization is here to cap them and to repress all of their natural violent tendencies.

This is where we must fake it until we make it. We must pretend that we are the barbarian of the past, we must pretend to be capable of the Ghengis Khan archetype.

The propagandists have cast a spell on our subconscious and we must break it by realizing our true potential.

We must break off the mental shackles of the wormtongue and become the warrior we are all capable of.

Man untamed is the status quo’s worst nightmare.

Excerpt from: @zarathustras_dreams on instagram


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