Reddit Bans Popular Conservative Subreddit For Sharing ‘Anti-Woke’ Posts

It turns out that Reddit is no different from it’s other social media counterparts Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in the fact that they will censor and ban any and all content that they deem to be violating their guidelines, which just means anything they don’t agree with.

Last Monday on June 21st Reddit permanently banned the subreddit TumblrInAction which had over 500,000 members at the time of deletion, as well as a similar subreddit SocialJusticeInAction which had just under 100k members (96k). Both of these bans came completely without warning said one of the group’s moderators.

All that was written to moderators was that they were ‘promoting hate’, however Reddit did not include any context other than that or link to any specific posts where ‘hate’ was being promoted.

A Social Justice In Action (SJIA) top moderator Alex “The Hatman” stated that they had only ever received one complaint and it came 6 months ago, simply because members in the group would not use preferred pronouns of a public figure when posting memes.

Just six months ago, a Reddit administrator reached out to Hatman to let him know that TIA (TumblrInAction) would be in danger of a ban if they didn’t enforce an unwritten rule about “identity invalidation,” or as Hatman stated, 

“Basically, the idea that if we don’t affirm someone’s self-identity, we’re engaging in hate speech,” no matter how serious or silly it may be.

– Alex “The Hatman”

Nowhere Is Safe

Following this sudden illegitimate ban, many moderators for other right-wing-ish subs are very much disconcerted. Reddit is signaling that no subreddit is safe. Much more mainstream conservative subreddits like r/PoliticalCompassMemes, r/conservative, or r/JordanPeterson could be next to feel the Reddit administration’s wrath.


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