Solana has just announced the launch of it’s own smartphone, Solana Mobile

The 9th largest cryptocurrency in the world Solana just revealed the launch of their very own smartphone Solana Mobile, which should be available early 2023 according to the official website.

As of right now it seems as though the phone is being targeted mostly at developers with plenty of info about their SDK on the site already.

Below is the official launch video:

Safely take your crypto with you anywhere. Solana Mobile Stack is an SDK that comes with the tools you need — including a hardware-encoded Seed Vault — to publish mobile dApps and distribute them through a specialized storefront. Build mobile experiences that have never been possible before.

“Solana Mobile Stack It’s the toolkit you need to build beautiful, seamless web3 mobile experiences, coming first on Saga, a flagship device from Solana Mobile.

Right now, web3 is not made for smartphones, and you need a desktop browser to take full advantage of it. Solana Mobile Stack is a crypto layer built on Android to make the mobile web3 user experience seamless.”

Solana has just announced the launch of it's own smartphone, Solana Mobile

Solana Mobile Stack includes:

  • Seed Vault built into the secure hardware
  • Easy, platform-wide transaction signing
  • SolanaPay for Android
  • Decentralized dApp store
  • and much more

SolanaMobile will first be available on Sage, which will be the flagship device built by Solana and Osom Privacy.

Pre-orders are now open and can be reserved with a $100 refundable USDC deposit.

Volk Freedom on Twitter
Volk Freedom on Twitter